Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant

The Artificial Intelligence System has innovated a very efficient and intelligent Virtual Assistant in the 21st century which will imitate human interactivity to perform certain tasks asked for. Let see, which one is the best between Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant.

The revelation of Alexa and Google Assistant

Amazon and Google side by side has developed a Virtual Assistant with Artificial Intelligence-powered in this era of the twenty-first century known as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In simple words, Alexa and Google Assistant is a conversational assistant which is voice-activated. Alexa is developed by Amazon Lab126 and Google Assistant is developed by Google.

Platform for Alexa and Google Assistant

Alexa works with the following platforms such as Amazon Echo, Fire Os, iOS, Android, Cortana and Linux simultaneously Google Assistant works with Android, Google nest, Android TV, Chrome OS, iOS, Google Allo; etc.

Distinctinction Between Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant

When Alexa vs Google Assistant comes to our intellect it becomes very difficult to decide between them and come to a conclusion as both of them provide the same attributes.

Research is conducted on this point such as options for entertainment, the capability of providing proper directions, smart home abilities, shopping features and it came to the conclusion that Alexa is the leading digital or voice assistant in this era.

1.Alexa and Google Assistant: Function and  Expertise.

In the case of the third-party skills, Alexa has more than 100,000 count. It can always create some basic integrations with the use of the IFTTT. On the other hand, we can see that Google Assistant asserts its features for more than a million actions which add to all the queries regarding the first and third parties.

2.Alexa and Google: Speech Recognition.

Both Alexa and Google did well for both the device capability. Amazon Echo offers an endless number of voice profiles which makes it possible to instruct the device to recognize a specific voice and provide response accordingly. Whereas,

Google is considered to be the most sophisticated of these approaches which offer payments, photos, personalized calendars and many more.

3.Alexa and Google Assistant: Basic Knowledge

Both of the following digital assistants are allocated with an enclosure of 20 general knowledge questions. Alexa continuously routes out Google Assistant in the realm of general knowledge. So It is difficult to choose between Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant.

4.Alexa and Google Assistant: Entertainment.

When it comes to home entertainment the following equipment Alexa has one of the coolest features. It can control the Fire TV stick which includes opening apps, playing and pausing. Whereas Google Assistant, in addition, can handle the requests for showtimes but it does not provide any sort of option for buying tickets directly on the nest Hub by voice command.


At the end of the race, we can see that Alexa is moving ahead of Google Assistant. All have a good and modified result in the fields of smart home and communication. Both are still strong choices and pretty impressive incase of extensibility and general knowledge. Both of them are pushing out their virtual assistants for more new to discover. We can hope in the later future that Both Alexa and Google Assistant will be opening some more surprises and the debate of Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant will be continued.

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