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Is Bluestacks safe? It is the most familiar question among people. Bluestacks is an android app emulator founded in 2011 and it grants to experience the android system on the computer. It is present for both Macbooks and pc. Some people are afraid of using it because few antiviruses recognize it as a threat to windows 7 or windows 10 and 8 PC / laptops. So, before entering the secure question it is needed to have a clear idea about Bluestacks. There are different features of the BlueStacks software like one can grab screenshots, keep a record of the gameplay, etc.


While people mention Bluestacks, usually it refers to the Bluestacks app player, not the company. This app player is an effective android emulator, as discussed previously. An emulator is a software that lets a computer system i.e. the host to perform like another computer system i.e. the guest. Therefore in simple words, Bluestacks transforms the pc or computer into an android device. It can be installed in both MacBooks or computers.

With the help of this Bluestacks, one can handle any sort of application on the laptops or pc. Many users of Bluestacks use this application to play games like candy crush, PUBG mobile including the ‘temple run’ on MacBook or pc. It also grants to use other messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and more. Around 210 million people apply this.  

Another thing that bothers people is bluestacks safe or not cause a few computers have crashed or downturned utilizing the app player. 96% of android applications are agreeable with this. Therefore it proves that Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator. Besides these, there are many useful features of this app player.


  • Device integration: This app allows combining microphones, sensors, a camera, and a mouse. One can utilize android apps on the la[ptops or pc, particularly with games. 
  • Updated software: Bluestacks is regularly up-to-date. Its most latest versions have better features.
  • Trouble-free app installation: On Bluestacks downloading apps from Google play is easy. 
  • Games: This comes with a few previously installed games which one can play instantly after downloading. 


While installing Bluestacks,  it requests to deactivate real-time protection or another antivirus. Few antiviruses also find Bluestacks as a threat in Windows 7 or above version. Therefore it is prevalent for the users to find it risky. 

To answer the question is Bluestacks safe people need to know that following some tests this software does not contain any viruses, threats, or malware. There is no genuine proof that Bluestacks is a menace. Here are the results of examining the latest popular antivirus programs with Bluestacks software file which are passed –

  • Dragon
  • Panda 
  • Avira 
  • Comodo
  • BitDefender

So, it is clear that Bluestacks is 100% safe. In the time of installing the program, this software does various things as-

  • Putting the Windows registry inside the Registry editor.
  • Autostart at boot
  • Changing the files associated with the program
  • Putting program files inside Windows folder

As these activities are done by malware, that’s why the anti-malware detects it as a threat. Sometimes antiviruses can be incorrect too. Hence one can use this software with confidence and should not worry about is Bluestacks safe. if still anyone is worried about the thing then these are the following reasons why Bluestack is good-

  • Function: In a computer with medium specification this software may cause a crash. It has a big RAM and CPU operation. 
  • Famous: As discussed before it is the most popular emulator. Millions of users are utilizing it daily. They trust this.
  • Legal: Besides the question is Bluestacks safe people also ask about its runs a virtual android device on windows os. Android is a non-proprietary operating system. Therefore it is totally legal. As there are many types of emulators like Gameboy, GameCube which are illegal, so it is better not to use those emulators. This software evolved with the merge of four companies AMD, Qualcomm, Intel, and Samsung. After Bluestacks has google play store formed into it, there is no worry about the legality. 
  • Key features: The main key features of this software are- 
  1. Balancing feature which permits to run the same game at the same time in multiple Windows. 
  2. Can utilize no game apps
  3. Available 500k+ games and 1.5M+ android games 

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Bluestacks 4 is the latest version of the software and it needs no cost to download. It gives the highest quality android experience to windows. It is multiple times quicker than the previous versions. BlueStacks 4 gives permission to make custom keyboard maps to make sure that one can play mobile games with the keyboard utilizes less memory and CPU than the previous versions for the more effective management of capacity and it has an easier and smooth home screen.


Bluestacks use a large amount of hardware storage that causes repeating and sudden crashes and therefore this issue is another reason that can give birth to the question is Bluestacks safe in people. Most of the users think that it needs a high quantity of CPU or memory volume and as the BlueStacks copies the Android system, it occupies a few amounts of processing time and the memory space to function properly. Even on the machine with high configuration, it can use resources.     


These are the following steps to utilize Bluestacks 

  • In the first step, it is needed to download the software on the Mac device or windows.
  • On the next step, the folder is required to double click to install.
  • After installing it,  the next part is logging in with the google account, as the way one sets up any android device. 
  • Then accessing a Google account, one can download new games from  Google Play Store.


 After discussing all the things it can be said without any hesitation that Bluestack is safe and secure. Few processes can be followed to use it safely like-

  • Install it from the genuine website. 
  • Not to operate it on low-end devices utilizing methods that are accessible to the internet. 
  • In this software, one should try to install only the trusted apps from google play store. 

For Bluestacks minimum system necessities in pc are-

  • AMD processor  or Intel processor 
  • 5GB free disk space
  • 2GB RAM 
  • Latest graphics drivers from the Microsoft

For macOS 

  • Memory should be 4GB
  • Hard drive space should be 4 GB
  • The version of OS must be ‘macOS Sierra’ or higher


After knowing all this information about the software if anyone is still concerned is Bluestacks safe, then the reply is yes, Bluestack is absolutely 100% safe. The main reason for coming to this conclusion is because all the certificates of Bluestacks are proved and verified. With these proper certificates, this software also has no other hustled software. The best thing for Bluestacks is that it needs no cost. If anyone is thinking to purchase the premium version there are a variety of profit-

  • a unique premium important help channel is present to ask questions and to find answers.
  • Having one premium subscription can function on numerous PC’s applying the identical account. 
  • If anyone subscribes to the premium account it deactivates the advertisements of sponsored applications on Bluestacks.

In conclusion, it is clear that Bluestacks is a safe application and it is the best emulator and it has good work power and performance. It is true that some antivirus apps detect it as a threat but this is a false detection. Bluestacks is very famous for android gaming applications and anyone can use it without any problem. 


 Apart from the question is bluestacks safe there is another thing that people ask for is if it costs money. Bluestacks is one of the best emulators and its basic features are at no cost to download and utilize. A cost for a monthly subscription is needed for advanced elective features.

Bluestack is absolutely secure to utilize for Windows 10. This software is an android emulator for the computer that allows the Windows OS customers to operate Android applications toward the Windows OS set-up. There is nothing in Bluestacks that will cause any damage to Windows 10 or any other platform. The difficulties start when the software gets modified or other things. It is totally safe to use if one is using a secure copy of the installer.

This software allows us to utilize every important android app on laptops or windows computers with fullscreen. WhatsApp is a very famous messaging app which is available on smartphones or Windows phones. If anyone wants it to utilize Windows OS then Bluestacks can be the option. It helps WhatsApp to work properly on windows pc. 

After installing Bluestacks it needs to download WhatsApp. Therefore it is absolutely safe for WhatsApp.

There are some definite system configurations needed to run the software securely. It needs a  minimum of 2GB of solid memory.  Some users complained about problems caused by this software. This happens when one does not install the app from the official website and for that people can think is Bluestack safe. It is always recommended to download the software from its official website. 

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