Windows Defender vs Avast: Choose the Better One

Windows Defender vs Avast , 2020

Antivirus, a  software that is designed to protect computers from any kind of virus and malware attack is used by billions of people worldwide. The software provides a number of tools that offer trusted protection services. The main motive behind this is to keep everything safe from all the malware attacks and online threats. With the increase in technology, we all know that a number of antivirus software is available in the market. And among all of them, Windows Defender and Avast are the leading ones that users especially prefer to purchase. Even most of the time people are in confusion to choose one among these two. Hence, finding comparison and knowing which one is the best among Windows Defender vs Avast is quite a tough one. 

However here we are going to guide you regarding the differences and benefits of both the antivirus so that you can get a better idea while choosing among Avast or Windows Defender. Hence, without wasting time get a quick overview and clear out that  “is Windows Defender better than Avast?”

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Windows Defender vs Avast: A Brief Introduction

While choosing among these two antiviruses a question that usually comes to our mind is “is Avast better than Windows Defender?” or “is Windows Defender better than Avast?”. Hence, before concluding anything at first you have to know about the antiviruses in detail. 

Windows Defender, an anti-spyware and anti-malware program often used for Windows PC. When you set up your Windows PC, the best thing is that this comes inbuilt and by default here. Despite the disadvantages in Windows 10, Windows Defender is one of the primary features that Microsoft boasts about. It has all the parental control programming that is built-in. This helps the parents to keep an eye on their children’s activities and easily control the websites that they watch. They can even limit the time of staying online. However, if you are only using the browser of Microsoft, you can use these features. The smart screen utility feature that is useful for blocking all unsafe downloads and dangerous websites. Moreover, it also helps to check the unrecognized applications that come on the website. So, to be very specific some of its important functionalities are given below:

  • Cloud-based virus protection library
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Parental controls
  • Firewall protection

Avast is also one of the popularly used antivirus software that offers a family of internet security. Avast developed it for operating systems like macros, Microsoft Windows, ios, Android. The software can be operated in 45 languages that will provide you with strong antivirus protection from any kind of malware activity. Avast has a variety of features that gives the users quite a strong reason to choose it. Not only these, but there are also several packs available for all the advance utilities whereas other companies involve those in most of their premium plans. Just note that Avast software is for the devices that are connected to the internet. 

Below is a list of Avast antivirus features:

  • CyberCapture
  • Home Network Security
  • Smart Scan
  • Secure DNS
  • Sandbox
  • Browser Cleanup
  • Passwords
  • SafeZone Browser
  • Firewall
  • Anti-spam
  • Automatic Software Updater
  • Data Shredder

Know Which One is lighter on the system

We are all aware of the fact that if any application is running in the background, they are likely to consume most of the system resources every time. However, antivirus also runs in the background to provide your system protected from any kind of malware threats and as a result, it consumes a small percentage of the system resources. 

Both antiviruses, Windows Defender or Avast without consuming maximum resources provide a higher level of security to the system. Now if to find which one among the two antiviruses consumes less amount of resources, a test was performed. Here it was analyzed how different antivirus works in the system in terms of transferring files and installing and downloading applications. And according to these tests, Windows Defender got a rating of 4.5/5 whereas Avast received a rating of ⅚. Therefore, we can state that Avast provides less stress on the system in respect of Windows Defender.

Windows Defender vs Avast free in Terms of Protection:

Windows Defender vs Avast, choosing one is undoubtedly a difficult task. Hence, let’s check out the protection capability of both.

Users usually prefer Windows Defender that is built-in as it offers enough security. If you are using Windows 8.1 or 10, then you will obviously have a Defender. Hence, no upgrades are required to purchase as everything is included here. You will get a one-way firewall that is built-in, gaming modes, parental controls and the most primary one which is the antivirus protection. However, the disadvantage is that it has the tendency to flag software that is innocuous for being malicious, with no added features. And the positive part in the Defender is you don’t have to do anything. It silently runs in the background, keeping an eye on the viruses and on any kind of unusual behavior. Then, for analysis, it uploads malicious items. There is no need to purchase anything additional or install updates. Just keep peace of mind and let this antivirus do its task. 

Avast also helps in removing all the unwanted items so that your computer is back to the previous form. Avast does not check the viruses but has a built-in password manager that is awesome and gives you a warning if your wifi network is nor secured. Believe it or not, Avast uses system resources that are less than the Windows Defender does. Avast also has some of the important features that are not present in the defender. The email protection feature is extremely unique and trusted. In case of a huge computer emergency, the Avast free version enables you to create a rescue disk. All these features come in the paid version for almost most of the antivirus whereas it is free for the Avast.

Hence, here you can have a rough idea regarding the ques “is avast better than windows defender”.

Windows Defender vs Avast: Compatibility and UI

Now let’s analyze the compatibility and UI section to find out “is Avast better than Windows Defender”.

Windows Defender protection is not available for the other platforms. It is specially designed for Windows PCs. But in the case of Avast, a huge number of devices are compatible. Avast provides dedicated antivirus protection that is suitable for PC, iOS, Mac, & Android. Additionally, you will have a utility-type software. Windows Defender has shrugged off the UI, the same as the feature section. Since features are limited talking about User Interface is useless. On the other side, Avast comes bundled up with a huge number of features and therefore has the best UI in town. 

Know the Available Features

Another area that will guide you in the comparison of Avast vs Windows Defender. By now you know that despite offering standard protection, Windows Defender lacks few standard features. For example, scheduling options are the less or modular structure that helps in easier access. Also, the UI is rudimentary for advanced users. Avast seems to be at the top if you take account of the features offered. It has all in it starting from the basic sandboxing to password management,  Automated Software Updates, data shredding. Besides this, other security-oriented functionalities are easily applicable by common users.

Is Avast better than Windows Defender in terms of features? Then, the answer is yes. 

Windows Defender vs Avast: Price and Packaging

Another important thing to take account while choosing one among Windows Defender and Avast is the price. In terms of Windows Defender, no pricing is required. It is completely free provided you have a trusted version of Windows OS installed. It is an in-built program in Windows 10 PC that runs along with the other activities on the system. 

For Avast antivirus, the products available for Windows PCs are completely free in package. 

Avast Pro Antivirus provides features like Smart Scan, Sandboxing and Password Manager. And these are at a price rate of $39.99. 

Now, let’s talk about Avast premier vs Avast internet security. Avast Internet Security is bundled up with advanced web protection such as Firewall and Anti-Spam. The price for this is $49.99/year. Avast Premier has an advanced plan at a rate of $69.99. 


From the above discussion, we can conclude that Windows Defender offers a standard part of protection with no advanced features. Therefore, if you are looking for an antivirus that is deep into the OS, this is the best.

Avast is highly recommended for common users. You will get a variety of security features that are necessary for digital life. In comparison, Windows Defender vs Avast,  Avast fulfills all the requirements because of the well-designed UIs and powerful algorithms. Hence, choose the one according to your specifications and requirement.


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